For those of you who haven’t been following my blogs, My name is Michael Ranquest. I am an American born author, living most of my life in New England, with a small stint in the sunny hills of Southern California.

Much of my writing is influenced by the themes of personal freedoms and choice to accept the consequences of those freedoms be them good or bad. Every creature in this world is born with choices. We make them every day. Whether we take them as our own or let some other person, entity, god take control of them is ultimately up to the individual based on the factors that are presented.

Writing for me is a way to channel my inner thoughts into a creative medium. It allows me to build something greater than myself. It also gives me the tools I need to grow in a way that only the words on the page can allow. Not being creative (In any way) invites manic thoughts in the middle of the night. Lets just say that It’s better for everyone that I write.

Projects (In progress)

Below are the projects that I am currently working on. As my work develops this too will grow and change. Thank you for your support!

Project Code Named: Heaven’s Atrium

This Sci-fi Fantasy Takes place hundreds of years in the future. Humanity bands together in a last ditch effort to rebuild what was long wasted and unappreciated – Home. The Protagonist William Harp accompanied by a diverse group of friends struggle with the demand of the people they are in charge of protecting, all while trying to uncover the truth of the Founders from centuries past.

Project Code Named: Dream Z

A vivid dream that needed to be written. While not being currently worked on, It is slated to be done in the future.


Project Code Named: Dice Magician’s Tales

More details to come in the future. Pray to the Almighty RNGesus.