Thanks for joining me… I think.

I’m glad you’re here but I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe you are looking for writing advice. Maybe you needed something to help you get through your day. Maybe if your like me… as I write this now, you have come to the end of the internet and decided well… Fuck it why not. If I cant read anything new and interesting I might as well create something new… not necessarily interesting.

Grimmace Emoji

What the hell is it?

This blog is a new type of exercise. I am a writer. My lovely Fiancé tells me that I’m a good writer. I think she is trying to boost my ego but I’ll take the added confidence… (At this point I would reference the emoji above. ^^) It reminds me of that look as a child you give your parents when they catch you doing something wrong mid act and all you can do is give that face… Just try it out. You’ll instantly be brought back to a multitude of times where that face applies. And you should be ashamed of yourself.

Now that you know I am a writer your probably thinking to yourself. Ok your good enough to call yourself one on the internet. Show me the money. What have your written? That’s just the thing (^^again the emoji above^^). If this actually makes it to your cell phone or desktop or retinal display (the future is coming), then I would point to this post as being the only thing I have written to date. Or rather the only thing that I have finished writing to date. Like you, I am on this gruesome journey trying to appeal to that single creative neuron whispering what I think are good ideas. They’re not clear enough to know the whole picture but audible enough to not being able to ignore them.

Ok I get it but why are you doing this?

As I mentioned above, I’m in the fuck it mood and I’m trying to write. I’ve been “writing” a novel on and off like a middle school relationship that lasted way too long into college for years now. It’s time to buckle down and get that shit done. Good news is that I do believe that I’ve jumped the last hurdle of ambition. Bad news is that now I have to actually figure it all out and write something from start to finish.

As a little background about me before we proceed. While I call myself a writer, I am not trained as one. Quiet the opposite, I was trained as an artist recruited into a tech field no one knows about and do quite well for myself in that; however,  it doesn’t cure the itch. That thought in your head that tells you “You can be important. You have something to say”.  Over the years I have tried different hobbies in the hope that they would be my creative outlet. Painting, drawing, woodwork, wood burning, gardening, singing (yikes), to name a few. What fascinates me about them is that each one comes in hot and then simmers away as soon as I have wasted  spent enough time to getting established as a novice. I am forever doomed to be a quick learner and master of none.

OK! Get to the point already…

So before I bore you with too much in this post the moral of the story is that writing is the only medium in which I haven’t gotten too bored doing. This blog allows me to keep doing it even if I am having a creative block trying to finish my novel(s). So… I would expect there to be a good number of rambling posts in the future. Hopefully at least one person other than myself can benefit from it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and if your like me, welcome to The Curious Idiot. And well… if your like me, I’m sorry – misery loves company.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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