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Welcome to another iteration of The Curious Idiot. I’d like to note that my overnight success has been off the charts. (+1 Follow, +0 Reads). I would like to thank Sheryl from I wrote a book. Now what? for following me. Before coming to the conclusion that I was going to have to write my way out of this mental block, I found her blog very interesting and a fun to read. Feel free to check her out and follow for her incite into the book making process.

Just a few questions to consider.

Writing is hard. I’ve gone through years of turmoil before getting to the point where writing has officially become my thing. It takes many little steps in the right direction to get you up the hill. Hell this is the second blog post in as many days!  Before you decide that you want to write, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself.

“I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. Choo Chooo”  – The Little Engine That Could

Have you ever read a book? If so, How many?

This seems like a crazy question right? “Ugh… of course I’ve read a damn book. I read like… that entire series by so and so… There were so many books it that one. It took me a long time but there was like…stuff that I needed to do in between.” That is my reading life’s story. I read a lot as a kid. Often is probably the better term. One of my favorite series growing up was the Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind. A fantastic epic spread across twelve books in the main story arc. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend at least “The wizards First Rule” This series shaped part of who I am today.

Last year when I decided that I was really going to sit down and continue my book, I realized that I hadn’t read nearly enough. I understood what I wanted to say but didn’t understand how to say it. (Still working on it!)  This Lead me to shutting off my cable and chain reading as many of the classics as I could. (Before football season was on. I couldn’t help it.) If you secretly find yourself in my situation do yourself a favor, go back and read all those books you thought you could spark notes your way through in high school. It turns out that they were all pretty good. (Except the Catcher in the Rye… I’m sorry if you like it… That was painful)

What are your favorite distractions?

If you truly desire to write anything from blogs, to poetry, to novels. You need to figure out what kind of distractions have crushed your dreams in the past. For me there were two: Television(Netflix included) and Video Games. Before I was able to set the stage to begin writing, I needed to eliminate the first big one which was the TV. It is so easy to come home, plop your ass on the couch and shut your brain off. Shutting off my cable also gave me the added benefit of saving a ton of money each month.

Playing Video Games is a beast that I still struggle with. While I do believe that they can provide an excellent medium for story telling, unplugging the systems and deleting the apps off my smart phone was the only way to beat the addiction. There are some of you who might be able to balance your time (F@*# You first off I’m jealous),  but just think of all the time that you could add to your writing via practice or smaller pieces.

Do you have a support system in place?

This by far is the most critical piece to any writer’s success. For those of you introverts and anti-social types, I’m sorry but you are going to need at least one person in your life to be able to help you, motivate you, and/or give you a swift kick in the ass when it comes to your writing. While a love one can be a good choice, it is best if that person understands what writing is AND is willing to give you some tough love along the way(Mom in most cases will not cut it). Just make sure to understand that if you are struggling and your support gives you said tough love, they are doing it because you asked them too. Try not to piss off the free help. For me my writing didn’t take off until I met my fiancé. Find that person. Make them an offer(In writing). Stick to the plan.








2 thoughts on “Round #2 I think I can!

  1. Thanks for mentioning me and my blog. Writing is all about heart. Never worry about how the first draft turns out because you will edit, revise and edit and revise repeatedly. I like to get the story out and then go back and spruce it up. When it comes to writing advice, take it with a grain of salt, research for yourself and draw your own conclusions. I have a lot of advice based off a tonne of research and a whole bunch of trial and error, on my blog. If you think you can, you will, that’s a great attitude to have.


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